Getting to the Market

The entrances to the Mifflinburg Christkindl Market

  • 4th &Market St,
  • 6th &Market St
  • 5th & Green St
  • 5th & Chestnut St.

From the South (Rt. 104) and West (Rt. 45) use the Western Shuttle Stops

  • Four Bells Church on Route 45, 3.5 miles west of Mifflinburg available during all Market hours
    Designer Homes parking lot behind the models on North 8th Street available after 4 pm on Thursday and Friday, and all day on Saturday.

From the East and Rt. 304 should use the Eastern Shuttle Stops

  • Harvest Bible Chapel  available during all Market hours
  • Buffalo Valley Center available after 5 pm on Thursday and Friday, all day Saturday; please park near the Turnpike Restaurant

Additional information is available on the shuttle route map.

School buses and tour buses should generally follow the shuttle routes:

  • From west and south (Rt 104)
    • Pickup/drop off at 6th and Market Street from Rt 104
    • Park at Four Bells church
  • From east and south (Rt 304)
    • Pickup/drop off at 4th and Market
    • Park behind DC Coffee in the Decorating Center (walk across 45 to shuttle)

Handicapped bus transportation will be provided all on an “on call” basis all three days using a standby bus from the Harvest Bible to the Eastern Drop Off point at 4th and Market. Please talk to the bus driver for use of the Handicapped Bus. There is also limited handicapped parking behind the Lutheran Church, 404 Market Street.

General Information

  • The Market always begins on the 2nd Thursday in December
  • Pets are not permitted in the Market, however service animals are always welcome
  • Admission is free, however donations are appreciated. Thank you.
2021 Route Map Oct Revision
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